"Commercial property maintenance services"

By the quality service teams and professional consulting team from Fixzy,
the only place to finish all services for housing care.

Maintenance and repair management services

During the insurance period and work awaiting delivery
Suitable for village / condominium’s office project
  • ✔ Comparing services cost with more than one provider
  • ✔ Saving time with searching for technicians / contractors
  • ✔ Mainly considering the customer's budget
  • ✔ Flexible job notification procedures
  • ✔ Data collection for job notification data

Residential care package

Monthly and yearly
Suitable for all types of businesses
  • ✔ No problem with full schedule of providers
  • ✔ No need to hire full-time mechanic or regular housekeeper
  • ✔ Able to make an appointment in advance
  • ✔ There are staff to take care throughout the contract period
  • ✔ Save more money than before

Special privileges

For home care services
Suitable for all types of businesses
  • ✔ Special privileges for residents or corporate customers
  • ✔ Able to choose the services you need
  • ✔ Many services are available
  • ✔ Special for annual service package
  • ✔ Allocate special privileges to the budget

For Businesses

We have service providers who are ready to give services and can support a variety of businesses.

Housing Estate (Village / Condominium Project)
Housing Estate (Village / Condominium Project)

Many companies, where there is housing estate, they confidently choose and use our services for their companies whether the services under the contract or without. We can find you a professional service provider immediately or if any company wants special deals or privileges for the residents, we also have a special promotion to support as well.


We believe that many offices have full-time technicians or housekeepers but there is no regular job for them everyday . Wouldn't it be better if you could choose a quality service provider to provide services only when you need them? With service covering all maintenance and repair management. We are welcome to give you advice and select a good service provider to your office.

Restaurant / Store
Restaurant / Store

If you are looking for a specialized service provider for your restaurant or store. We have technicians who can service you immediately to reach your needs such as cleaning, urgent repair and maintenance jobs because only us who can give you the good services.

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    If you are looking for an assistant who can find a technician for your organization including repair, installation and maintenance. We are the only one who can give you the best services.

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