How does FIXZY work?

FIXZY users (general users) send a request (with time, place and photos) to FIXZYMAN user (providers). Providers send a quotation for the job or ask for more detail of the request. When accepted by the requester, providers complete to request. After the completion of the job, the requester rate the service quality.

Only smart phone and constant internet connection are required for general users plus photo id for tradies / service providers.

I have too many apps in my phone already! The app is a new tool to generate more income for you. Reduce unnecessary expense for users. General users can compare price or service quality of providers. The app is an alternative point of contact with customers. It's on 24/7 but you can choose when and where you want to work and at what price.

FIXZY is easier to use (instant alert, photo attached, customized timing for user) with more items to choose and lower cost offered.

It is designed and optimized to a mobile phone which will not slow down your phone processing ability.

We have supporting team for the technical problems. please contact us via email or phone call.

Search google play store or apple app store for fix360 (general users) and fix360pro (for service providers)

Yes, you can if you are a service provider and you want to request for other jobs or help for example you are a builder (use FIXZYMAN) but want to hire an electrician to complete your job faster (use FIXZY).

Yes, you can. We have back up data for your registered detail.

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